Power Washing

Acme Flood offers the latest in Power washing and sealant technologies to keep your commercial or residential property clean and protected. This helps business and homeowners save money as you “don’t have to replace it, because we can restore it”. Our power washing professionals have the expertise to determine the right pressure solution to maximize the cleaning efficiency while protecting your property.

Acme Flood has also partnered with industry leader Foxfire Sealants to offer the best in sealant technologies. Foxfire is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, and VOC compliant sealant solution. Foxfire’s water-based penetrating sealers protect concrete and masonry from the damage caused by water, acids, salts, oil and a variety of organic stains. Foxfire sealers also prevent or delay problems resulting from efflorescence, freeze/thaw, mold, concrete dusting, and spalling.